Italian exchange students studying at UGD

Italian exchange students studying at UGDTwo Italian students from the University of Ferrara are staying for six months to study at the Faculty of Medical Science at Goce Delchev University...

The African pharmacists completed the course in Raiopharmacy

The end of the course in Radiopharmacy was marked by conferring certificates to the course participants from Africa.

Doctors from the USA held workshop in plastic surgery at UGD

Today two doctors from the USA held a lecture on plastic surgery and breast cancer treatment for students, doctors and professors.

Joint lecture and workshop with professors from Europe at the Faculty of Economics

Professors from Luxembourg and Poland today gave a lecture and a workshop to the students of the Faculty of Economics at Goce Delchev University.

Doctors from the United States held lecture on resistance to antibiotics

Dr. Brian White, who is an infectious disease specialist coming from San Antonio, Texas, gave a lecture on antibiotic resistance and the danger of this phenomenon to the students of the Faculty of Medicine at UGD.

How to Motivate Students to Love Math

Through the project entitled Mathematical debate, Goce Delchev University along with several partner institutions in the country and abroad will define the needs of students from 11 to 15 years for the study of mathematics and in doing so will try to make math the favorite subject to students.

Training course in Radiopharmacy to pharmacists from Africa

The International Atomic Energy Agency in cooperation with Goce Delchev University organize two-month course for Radiopharmacy in Stip. The trainees are professionals, pharmacists coming from Africa, and they will be trained by the University’s professors in Shtip...

Romanian students on Erasmus Practical Training in Shtip

Three students from the University of Oradea in the last few months have been on their practical training in Macedonia that is at the University Goce Delchev. 

Cooperation with the Embassies of France and Egypt

The ambassadors of France and Egypt separately visited the rector of Goce Delchev University and discussed possible cooperation between their institutions and UGD.

World Science Day for Peace and Development at UGD

The Faculty of Law at UGD celebrated the World Science Day for Peace and Development, 10 November. The Vice Dean of the Faculty of Law highlighted the scientific achievements of the Faculty of Law...