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(VIDEO) Carovska: UGD makes a step forward towards each program to be better and more attractive

The Minister, Mila Carovska,  as a guest of the university media of UGD talked about the development and the future of the higher education in the country. The higher education is facing the great challenge of small number of students. The Minister emphasized that this is a challenge of many universities in the region and the key for it is the proactivity of the universities.

- The reduced number of pupils and students is a demographic issue. Of course, this question is being raised in terms of introducing demographic policies that give little results and here is also the emigration of young people. Due to all that we have the small number of students, but it is really important to say that we have a big number of universities per capita which is also a challenge that needs to be addressed. What we are trying to do is to encourage the universities to have more attractive programs by giving them full autonomy of each university - says the minister Carovska.

It is a mere fact that a huge number of students from North Macedonia choose to study abroad. The Minister encourages the universities to create more attractive programs for the domestic students and the foreign also.

- We have the capacity to attract foreign students. Your university, and other universities too, tend to create such atmosphere to attract foreign students. We still need to work on are the bureaucratic procedures that need to be overcome in order to enroll those students. However, what we need more are attractive programs. It is important to work on the quality primarily. I think that your university really makes a step forward with every subsequent program to be improved in terms of quality and attractiveness. Also, the conditions and the service you offer and the presentation of programs by the professors. I think that one of the ways to have more students at the universities is to attract students from abroad - said the Minister Carovska.

In addition, in the interview for the university media, the Minister for Science and Education comments the current law for education and whether there is a need for some changes. According to her, the law is really flexible but we must work on its implementation. Regarding the financing of the universities, the Minister says that there is a need to rethink the question of funding the universities. That shall be done but within a debate with the universities that probably have some good solutions.

See the full interview below: