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After successfully completing Macedonian language courses, foreign students should apply under admission criteria at one of the three registration terms asserted by the open competition for enrollment of students at the first cycle of studies at Goce Delchev University. Foreign citizens submit their applications to the faculties of the University without any entrance exam, except when applying to the following academies: Academy of Music, Academy of Fine Arts and Film Academy.


Upon applying, students submit the following documents: 

  • Application form (Bookstore of UGD)
  • Proof of paid 300 MKD on the drawing account of the University for Study Programs without knowledge examination, i.e. 500 MKD on the drawing account of the University, for study programs where entrance examination is being carried out (Art/ Music/Film academies).
  • Decision on the legal recognition of the secondary school diploma obtained by the Ministry of Education and Science (MES) in Skopje
  • Diploma for completed secondary education (Apostille seal on the diploma for the countries that have signed the Hague convention and for the other countries a seal from the Ministry of foreign affairs)
  • Certificates for each completed secondary school year
  • Transcript (document of education)
  • Birth certificate
  • Citizenship certificate
  • Copy of the first page of the passport (scanned and sent to the email address below)
  • Medical certificate, including HIV and HEPATITIS C test
  • A1/A2 certificates or Certificate of language knowledge for prospective students from the Balkans

All documents must be translated in Macedonian by an official interpreter appointed by the court in the Republic of Macedonia and notarized.


Upon enrollment, students submit the following documents: 

Once the list of admitted foreign candidates to the first cycle of studies is being announced on the UGD website, students submit documents for enrollment (Bookstore of UGD) and pay the first installment of the participation and administrative taxes on drawing accounts which can be seen on the website.

  • Enrollment forms (Bookstore of UGD)
  • Three photos (2: 6x9; 1: 4x5)
  • Insurance policy (150 MKD)