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Nostrification of a foreign diploma


Nostrification is a process of recognition of a foreign diploma conducted by the Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Macedonia. The purpose of the nostrification of the secondary school diploma is to facilitate the access to further higher education. It is highly recommended to start the validation process at least 4 weeks ahead prior to term of submitting the documents to the Foreign Student Admission Office of the University.

Applicants need to have enough time to fulfill all requirements. Applicants will receive the decision on recognition of their secondary school diploma only after they have submitted an official request for nostrification, complete with all the required documents.

Required documents

  1. Original diploma for completed secondary education - apostille seal on the diploma for the countries that have signed the Hague convention, and for other countries a seal from the Ministry of foreign affairs,
  • three copies of the apostille seal and three copies of the translations of the apostille seal made by an official court translator - one notarized,
  • three copies of the diploma,
  • translation of the diploma by official court translator in three copies - one notarized;
  1. Original certificates for each year
  • three copies of each certificate,
  • three copies of the translations by official court translator - one notarized;
  1. Application and statement by a parent (the forms can be taken from the archive of the Ministry of education and science);
  2. Original birth certificate and three photos- three copies of the same translated by official court translator, all three notarized;
  3. Original citizenship papers and three copies of the same translated by official court translator, all three notarized.