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UGD explained

Goce Delchev University in Shtip is a state university, ranked at the second place on the list of state universities in the Republic of Macedonia. The University is entirely digitized and offers quality education. The University has the most up-to-date equipment and modern technology. Thanks to these already mentioned aspects, the University has become a choice of many foreign students, who can fulfill their visions for the future in Macedonia.

The reason why the percentage of enrolled foreign students increases is understandable. The students coming from surrounding countries like Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, Croatia as well as from more distant countries like Germany, USA, Turkey choose this University because of different reasons, but all of them agree that they have ideal conditions for studying, grate choice of study programs, as well as excellent conditions for residence in cozy and professional environment. 

In the academic 2010/2011 the University founded the Institute of languages at the Faculty of Philology. Its main aim is to prepare foreign students for studying in Macedonian language. As soon as the foreign student arrives, s/he starts studying Macedonian. The courses are divided into two parts, each spans three months’ time. After successfully completing the courses, the students can study in Macedonian at one of the twelve faculties and three academies.